JSA Video Productions



“Julie has an incredibly thoughtful approach to her work.  She is an enthusiastic, bright, and passionate  artist.  Julie thoroughly educated herself on the philosophy of our organization and the intended message of our video - she brought our story to life through artful and creative shots and imagery.  Julie is tremendously innovative and and overall pleasure to work with!”


“Julie not only is a consummate professional but is a joy to work with.  She knows her craft well, from having a good sense about what the organization is trying to communicate, to knowing how to coordinate all the moving parts, and producing a very creative and effective final product.  We are still getting compliments from choir members and organizations (including news outlets) about the video Julie produced for us a year ago.”


“I met Julie Andrews while working with The Bridge Project in Denver and recently had the pleasure of working with her to produce our first corporate video. Julie’s attention to detail and her ability to learn our business and make our video carrying our message is nothing short of a miracle. Julie’s collaborative style was extremely easy to work with. She provided a clear vision of the video that assisted in the smooth filming process. We launched our video just a few short months ago and have measurable gains in new customer interest as well as significant confidence enhancements in all our existing customers. IPW has received numerous compliments about our video and our message, as being “the most professional in our industry.” Kudos to Julie Andrews. We will be making additional videos in the future and will not hesitate to bring Julie back and take full advantage of her professional talent.”

Keith Arnold – Executive Vice President, Image Projections West

 “Julie is a consummate professional. Our Project C.U.R.E. video came out incredibly well, and Julie made it happen on a very tight, non-profit budget. It was uniquely creative and told a story that everyone can understand. I’ve seen Julie’s work for other organizations, and I’m proud that she did such a brilliant job for us now, too.”

Doug Jackson – President, Project C.U.R.E.

 “I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Andrews for many years. She is nothing short of outstanding. Her professionalism, creativity and attitude are unmatched. Julie is someone that has an innate ability to tell a story and to communicate it better than most.”

Mark Cornetta – President and General Manager, 9News

“I worked with Julie in the 9 Newsroom for many years, and I was always anxious to be part of her projects. I can tell you that Julie has a wonderful ability to recognize good content for almost any format, and has that rare talent of being able to organize and convey facts and situations in a concise and professional manner. This is what makes her a terrific manager and causes people to gravitate to her when quick decisions need to be made and things just need to get done. I feel her best quality is her ability to adapt quickly to new situations. She is quick on her feet, very bright, and can always be counted on to save any situation. These are the skills that have taken her to the top of her profession in Denver.”

Mark Koebrich – Anchor/Reporter, 9News